At present, 14 has become the new 26 as most of the women now fall into the category ‘plus-size’. The size range has of course been declared by the fashion labels; however, it was very difficult for a chubby person to find a perfect date night dress. The increasing rate of plus-size women has become a concern for the brands including Michael Kors, Forever 21 and Dressbar. They have been working towards coming up with new lines on plus-size dresses. According to the tips of the renowned fashion designers, here are few of the styles that one can try to flaunt their curves flawlessly. Add belts and accessories If you have only thought that the dresses can only add elegance to your wardrobe, then you might have never heard of the belts and accessories. Accessorize yourself with a fine leather belt to add a chic touch to your plus-size dress. Additionally, the chunky or quirky jewelry including bracelets and rings have the potential to accentuate your entire look. Get a vintage bag from YSL or buy a long pair of earrings from Topshop to complete the look. Cold shoulder or no cold shoulder The cold shoulders are back in trend. Shoulders that are not cut would not bother you much; however, a large section of people think that the cold shoulders can ‘slim down’ the arms. People loving the return of cold shoulders can check out the collection of River Island. Go for minimalism The basic tops with minimalistic approach have been ruling the fashion market for a long time and it now has managed to enter the market of plus-size dresses. If you browse the pant collection of Mei Smith, you can get an idea of how the pants are ideal for any occasion.
  • The modern and futuristic aesthetic can add a touch of romantic and sweet style to your wardrobe.
  • The classic top, well-structured skirt or a pair of basics pants can make your wardrobe elegant instantly.
Snug fitting dresses You have probably heard numerous times that you should only stick to the oversized or loose fitting plus-size dresses. Ditch those ill-fitted clothes because they add more pounds than you actually carry. Every woman should go for the well-fitted and body-baring clothes that can highlight curvy lines of the body. Wearing the wrap dresses are not a bad idea because they are super comfortable and give you access to roam around freely. Starting from only $18, you can check out the collection on long-sleeve sweater dress launched by Fashion To Figure on their online store. Short skirts Fashion taboos have probably made you think you cannot flaunt your flawless body parts but proving them wrong by sporting a high-quality shirt skirt. Like all the 8-sized woman, the well-rounded women also crave to show off legs in an elegant manner. The trend of thigh gap is gone and the fashion designers are now bidding goodbye to long skirts and dresses for the plus-sizes. Asos has brought A-line mini skirt in mini check cord to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Shrugs and jackets The plus-size section has been only restricted to only long skirt or maxi dresses devoid of proper shrugs or jackets, a high-quality jacket can do more justice to the wardrobe of plus-size women more than the fashionistas have ever imagined. The coats are yet to be included in their wardrobe. The wide range of outwears from Elvi can fulfill the fashion needs of plus-size women. Shirt dresses This kind of dress can adhere to any body size as there is a wide range of patterns and length that can suit every plus-size woman. Additionally, the fashion designers are now paying more heed to plus-size dresses and coming up with exotic and luxurious couture for them.