You have managed to get into a good college or university to pursue your dream of becoming a nurse. However, by getting in you have just taken the first step into the vast abyss of the healthcare industry. Nursing programs are designed to provide you with theoretical knowledge as well as a practical approach to prepare you to take on the responsibility of patients and nurse them back to health. However, this is easier said than done since nursing programs can be elaborate and daunting, with you trying to manage your study, clinical rotations, and all the workload one after the other. Here are a few study tips which will help you strategize and plan every step throughout the nursing program. Plan your time: It is not possible to manage a week’s worth of theoretical and practical material in just a couple of hours. Study every day and try to cover the day’s topics so that your workload will be distributed without you having to worry about catching up on topics. Use a study guide: There are nursing exam study guides which can be referred to find out which of the topics need more focusing on and which are the topics which are an absolute must and have to be covered thoroughly. The guide will enable you to plan and study accordingly, thus saving your time and efforts. Pay attention in class: Focus and read up on the topics and points which are taught in class, along with referring to outside resources. Normally, what you learn in class will prepare you well enough for any theoretical and practical tests as conducted as part of the curriculum. Be a part of a study group: Although some of you might prefer to lock yourself in the room or find a quiet place in the corner of the library to bury yourself under a mountain of books, finding a study group and exchanging facts and information might actually prove beneficial for you. Other tricks: You have to read up on a lot of material and it is not possible to memorize almost everything included in nursing programs. But making flash cards, skim reading before memorizing, and identifying your learning style will all help you tackle the curriculum.