When the human body experiences something new and odd that is away from the regular course of working, you can easily see the repercussions on the body. For example, stomach disruptions could cause the mouth to start smelling. Similarly, when you inhale something from the air and the immune system tries to fight off the unknown object, it can lead to sarcoidosis. It can be identified with the collection of inflamed cells in areas like lungs, lymph nodes, eyes, skin, heart, spleen, and brain. Ideally, the body is capable of treating the condition on its own or with a little medication. It is important to understand the phenomenon that may define sarcoidosis symptoms and signs. This will help one consult a doctor the earliest to get effective treatment to help manage the symptoms. Some of the common sarcoidosis symptoms and signs have been mentioned below: General symptoms Some of the common sarcoidosis symptoms and signs include fatigue, fever, weight loss, and joint pain. You may also experience dry mouth, nose bleeds, and abdominal swelling. If you experience any of these issues, you must visit the doctor immediately and ask if the symptoms can be treated naturally or with the help of mild medications. While these are generic symptoms that may be caused due to other problems in the body, it is best to get advice from a doctor or look for specific symptoms. Symptoms related to the lungs If you feel a persistent dry cough that seems logged in your chest or continuous wheezing, it is a sure giveaway of sarcoidosis in the lungs. Other symptoms include chest pain and shortness of breath even at normal air pressure. Symptoms related to the skin Any sores or marks on the skin that do not give you a recall value of any external injury can be a definite symptom of sarcoidosis. You may also face hair loss in this duration. This problem is more prevalent in women between the ages of 20 to 40. You should ask the doctor for any medication that can help you in this regard. Symptoms affecting the nervous system Problems in the nervous system relating to seizures, hearing loss, and constant headaches are a result of sarcoidosis. It is best to consult the doctor before the problem increases and the situation gets out of hand. Symptoms related to the eyes If you realize that you are experiencing eye pain, itchy eyes, a burning sensation in the eyes, or constantly dry eyes, do not always assume that the problem is restricted to the eyes only. It may also be a sign of sarcoidosis.