Back pain can build up slowly or come on abruptly. Either way, it can hamper your day to day activities and worsen if not addressed in time with lower back pain treatment. Back pain can be triggered by a number of conditions including bad posture, musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, injuries and lifting weights inappropriately. Here are a few tips to give you back pain relief. Hot and cold therapy: A cold compress can help give back pain relief especially in cases of lower back pain. Cold therapy helps numb the back and reduces internal tissue temperature and tissue metabolic rate. This helps prevent swelling caused by fluid accumulation. Ice packs can be alternated with hot packs and should ideally not be applied for over 15 minutes at a stretch. Heat stimulates blood flow to the pained area and helps it heal faster. Stretch: Most of our day is spent sitting at a desk. This can lead to a bad posture and cause upper and lower back pain. Get up every half an hour and walk around to stretch your muscles. Arch your back to flex the back muscles and try rotating your head to stretch the neck muscles. Yoga stretching exercises can be very effective in providing back pain relief. Wear low heels: High heels can put extra pressure on your lower back and aggravate back pain. Hence most doctors who provide lower back pain treatment advise avoiding high heels. Instead wear a pair of heels that is lower than 1 inch. This helps reduce the pressure on your spine and helps you maintain a correct posture. Watch your posture: Bad posture is one of the most common triggers for back pain. Try keeping your back as straight as possible when standing, sitting and walking. To do this, you could imagine a taut string connecting your chest to the sky. When bending, avoid bending at the waist and instead bend and straighten your knees. Be especially careful when lifting something. Get a good night's sleep: Sleep helps repair muscles and ease back pain. Not getting enough sleep can in fact further aggravate the condition. Hence it is important to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Along with the duration of your sleep, it is also important that you sleep on a sturdy mattress. People suffering from chronic back pain should invest in a good mattress that supports their back. Placing a pillow below your back or under your knees can also help with back pain relief. If your back pain does not resolve itself in a few days or is further aggravated consult a doctor immediately. Other causes for concern include losing control over bladder or bowel functioning and weakness in your legs.