Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an incurable disease. However, the treatment options help reduce the symptoms of the disease. Inhalers work wonders when it comes to soothing and relaxing the lungs. It helps you to breathe better and easier as the muscles in your airways are relaxed. There are several other medications which may come along with your inhaler to provide for extra comfort and ease the symptoms of the disease. The medications are directly delivered to the lungs and that is the main purpose and biggest benefit of using them. When used properly, there is no better solution to help in easing the symptoms of the disease than COPD inhalers. Here are the different types of inhalers and how they help. HFA inhalers HFA inhalers consist of a liquid medication which is delivered to the lungs through an aerosol spray. The medicine is stored in a pressurized canister. To use the device, close your lips around the mouthpiece and press down on the inhaler. Breathe in slowly and take in the medication. Using a spacer is another option. It makes the process of getting a full dose of medication to the lungs much easier. DPI inhalers A DPI inhaler suffices the same purpose as an HFA inhaler but releases a puff of dry powder instead of a liquid mist. Place your lips around the mouthpiece and inhale the medication steadily and rapidly. An important tip to keep in mind is to keep the device away from the mouth when exhaling. This will prevent humid air from entering into the device and clamping the powder medication. SMI inhalers SMI inhalers are a new type of inhalers that do not require you to breathe in fast or slow to deliver medicine to your lungs. A pre-measured amount of medicine is delivered to the lungs in a slow mist when you inhale the medicine. All you have to do is place your lips around the mouthpiece and press the button. This is one of the best COPD inhalers on the market. Nebulizers suffice the same purpose as COPD inhalers but they have a significant disadvantage - they are not portable. Both these machines are available by prescription only. You may see bronchodilator inhalers being sold over the counter but restrain from using them. They could be risky for people with a history of certain health problems including heart diseases. If you are suffering from COPD, do not look beyond COPD inhalers as they indeed are the best option for COPD symptoms easing.