Home is where the heart is, and the heart seems happiest in lush, green spaces. Studies show that the constant presence of plants in our ambiance contributes greatly to our emotional wellbeing. Apart from this, plants also naturally purify the air around us and provide us with fresh oxygen. With today's high levels of stress, simple hacks such as these could help make your home into a soothing and serene haven for you and your family. However, creating indoor green zones requires a bit of thought and planning. How big is your home? Which parts of your home get the most amounts of natural light? What is the ambient temperature in your home? And most important of all, how much maintenance are you willing to do? Of all the points to consider, lighting plays the crucial role. If you don't have much light coming in, ferns might be a good option. Ferns usually do well in the lower light environment and are hardy plants that don't require much maintenance. Other good options are snake plants and areca palm, for a summery feel. If you have a well-lit living space, perhaps a bay window that you would like to decorate, consider bamboo by the corners. They grow fast, do well in pots, and depending upon the size of the pot you choose, stay small or can grow quite large. They quickly add lushness to your space and create an exotic oriental atmosphere. For corners with moderate light, consider the English Ivy in a planter. Fast growing and incredibly easy to keep, these add loads of interest to empty corners. For your bedroom that is likely to have dark and cozy spaces, choose the peace lily. This lovely flowering plant does well in relatively darker spaces, and what's more soothing than waking up to its beautiful white flowers? Succulents are low-maintenance, and they require very little watering. However, they tend to need loads of sunlight. Perhaps a sunny window sill? Consider Aloe Vera “ a great indoor plant with lovely form, and considered to be one of the best absorbents of toxins in the air. Aloe Vera is also a functional plant, as the jelly inside the leaves can be used for scrapes and burns. Cacti are excellent for sunny homes. Water them a little extra if you want them to shed the thorns. Tiny cacti in small ceramic planters are great for small spaces such as the bathroom. So, get cracking, and in just one weekend, your home could turn into a lush little oasis.