Kids have developing bodies and feet. They grow fast which is why getting the right pair of boots for them can make all the difference. Toddlers' feet can be delicate. When walking out in the open, various environmental elements like water, snow, mud, and dirt, can hurt them or affect them more than they would ours. Getting a pair of boots won't sacrifice their mobility and can actually enhance it compared to scampering around in regular sandals. If you aren't sure how to go about buying a nice pair of boots for your kids, read on. Measure their feet Use a measuring tape to measure their feet. If you can't do that, take them to a kid's store or a shoe store which caters to children and get their feet measured. Don't forget to measure their feet annually every year since the shape and size can change depending on their physical activity. Look at the material and outsoles Good outsoles can offer great traction on the ground. See if the boots are made of suede or leather material. If you're aiming for vegan-style kid's shoes, then synthetic material would be more up your alley. Nylon and rubber are considered ideal since they are waterproof. Check the insulation If you're planning to let your kid romp around in the snow, check whether the boots provide sufficient insulation for their feet. Thickly lined soft material serves as good insulation for the interiors of the boot. Open and close the boots This might seem like a no-brainer, but most parents forget to check this. Notice how wide the boot opens up and how firmly it fits. If the opening is too narrow, then your kid's feet might not fit. This can be true especially when their feet continue to grow. Check whether the boots come with a zip enclosure. Velcro is a nice option for most boots over zipper enclosures since clothing articles won't get stuck in them. Test the boots Soles that have non slip grooves are a good indicator of quality boots. The important thing is to test out the boots before you buy them. Let your child wear them and walk around the store. If it feels comfortable on their feet, then it's a good fit. Any signs of discomfort move on. After all, there are tons of kids boots to choose from. To wrap up, ensure that the boots are ideal for the weather conditions of the place you live in. Keep some room for their ever growing feet. Check with your child if the boots are comfortable. Children at that age can be finicky. It is best to let them try it on once at the store and come back for them at a later date if they are still interested.