Gone are the days when a reward for being good comprised watching cartoons on TV for one hour. Today, kids are more tech-savvy and tend to be screen hungry. Nowadays, one hour of watching cartoons does nothing for their entertainment or learning. Therefore, we are in the right time and place to buy the best tablets for kids that will help them keep up their pace in today’s fast-moving world and find some entertainment that fits their age and mental abilities perfectly. If you are looking for a good tablet for your kids that have the right amount of features, like parental locks and efficient screen settings, here is two of the most popular kids' tablets that you can buy for your smart kids. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet This is the kid’s version of the Fire tablets made for adults. This tablet comes with free access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for one full year. It also has a two-year guarantee. Amazon FreeTime lets you find great books, movies, and TV shows which are kid-appropriate, all in one place. With this unlimited subscription, you do not have to look into various apps to find different content. It has parental controls as well, such as options to set time limits so that the content is automatically blocked when the time is up. There is also an option of age filters so that your 3-year-old will not see content meant for 12-years-olds and so on. With this tab, you can also choose to give access to Netflix and YouTube. Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet is one of the best tablets for kids. It is a best-seller and offers great features. This tablet is a budget tablet for kids, and it comes with a lifetime subscription to Kurio Genius, which is an internet filtering system. It gives access to 1.8 billion websites in 200 different languages. This tablet also comes with pre-downloaded apps like educational content, YouTube kids, and games from Google Play. Kurio also offers Surprise-A-Week programs, which gives kids an app, a new book, or an e-book every week for free. There are also some good parental controls, like app management, time limits, and the option of creating child profiles for as many as 8 children at a time. You can choose the right one based on which suits your requirements best.