Tablets has steadily revolutionized the tech sector. They are the best ultra-portable, lightweight tech devices in the market. Tablets, these days, have even replaced computers and offer the same features you would expect from a desktop PC. Tablets can integrate with various environments and are easy to use. Even children are using them all the time! So, what are the benefits of a tablet or are there any specific advantages to buying them? Here are four awesome reasons why you should buy a tablet.
  • Portability: Who says you need a desktop when you can have a tablet? Tablets can run various high-end games and are built with the specs to do so. They are lightweight and weigh a fraction of the weight of a traditional desktop computer. They won't strain your arms and you can carry them for long hours. More importantly, you can pack them in your bag and take them to your classes. Gone are the days where you had to lug around a heavy laptop to take notes. They can be used everywhere and can be carried easily. They also don't take up much space.
  • Quicker boot time: A normal desktop PC can take anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds to start up. Tablets have a distinct advantage in this aspect. They start up at a fraction of the speed needed by traditional PCs. Boot times are between 2 to 10 seconds and are good to go from the sleep mode in a fraction of a second. That is blazingly fast startup time and frankly, if you don't like waiting for the welcome screen to pop up, get a tablet.
  • Educational purpose: Be it schools or colleges, tablets are used for a multitude of educational purposes. If you're a student, this can be an extremely good news for you. You can listen to music while studying by plugging in your earphones or you can watch MIT lectures in class through your digital screen. There is a wireless file sharing feature available. Tablets make the classroom engagement a lot more fun with digital learning.
  • Fun: Surprise! You can use a tablet for literally everything these days. You can play solitaire, online games, use Wi-Fi for browsing the internet, or even Skype your best friend. Tablets can be used for file sharing, video conferencing, playing minigames and MMORPGs and a lot more. Most importantly, the touch screen makes them an intuitive device.
Some tablets come with a detachable keyboard too making them easier to use. They can replace a desktop for the most part since they come with word processing features and are perfect for a student or traveler always on the go.