Nowadays computers are under constant threat from viruses and hackers. The premium antivirus might offer higher functions and a simpler interface but they are way too expensive for home use. The free antivirus software offers basic functions at no cost. You just have to deal with some occasional pop-up ads and upgrade messages. There are many free antivirus software which can be easily downloaded and installed. Choosing the right one is always difficult. Some slow down your system by using too much of the CPU resources and others don't have enough features. Here are a few of the best free antivirus programs that can be really helpful without causing too much hassle. Avast Free Antivirus Avast is a basic antivirus software that almost everyone knows about. It provides on-demand and on-access malware scan. It blocks dangerous URL and provides phishing protection. It also has a gaming mode that mutes all pop-ups. The software also comes with a password manager. The negatives for Avast are very few, just that there are a lot of pop-ups and it might take a toll on the software launch time. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is also one of the most downloaded free antiviruses. It offers fast virus scanning and also malware scans. It provides phishing protection and also blocks malicious websites and URLs. The free edition insists on auto-pilot mode which takes the control out of the user's hand. This has proved problematic with other antivirus software too. However, no problems have been reported about Bitdefender yet. AVG Antivirus Free AVG Antivirus is also very well known. It's simplistic design and easy to use interface are what makes it special. It has an enhanced virus and malware scanner. It also offers behavior-based protection against suspicious activities. It also provides protection from malicious websites and URLs. It also comes with in-built system optimization tools. AVG has a heavy load of ads which might irritate a lot of people. It also has a lot of unwanted functions that complicate the user interface. Avira Free Antivirus Avira free antivirus offers an excellent virus protection and phishing protection. It supports malware scanning. It also provides a built-in VPN and various system optimization tools. It blocks malicious websites. The problem with Avira is it's pop-up. As soon as you boot your system, this is the first thing that comes on the screen and that can be somewhat irritating. 360 Total Security This is one of the best free antivirus programs available on the web today. 360 Total Security offers multiple virus scanners. It also comes with malware scanner and phishing protection. The main advantage is that it also offers a mobile app. The problem with 360 Security is its poor user interface and that it poses a threat to privacy.