Instead of the high specifications that one looks while buying a laptop; it is the use of the laptop that they should be considering. If you are buying a laptop to simply check emails, surf the internet or just make word documents, you could simply choose a laptop with general specifications. These laptops would be cheaper than the others and cost you under 300 dollars. These laptops can perform moderate tasks without any problems while coming in a budget that is pocket-friendly to most. If you are looking for particular tasks such as gaming, the laptop should be skipped as the hardware on them might not be very powerful. We are reviewing two laptops under $300 to understand the specifications and look of the laptop that one could buy fewer than $300. There are a lot of laptops that are available in the price range, and it is essential to understand whether you should buy a Chromebook or a Windows laptops that are priced under $300. The Lenovo's IdeaPad is an all-purpose laptop that is made by keeping in mind the requirements of students and businessmen alike. It is a sturdy laptop with a texture that can provide with a nice grip. The multi-functional keyboard has good space for arms rest, while the touchpad of the laptop understands the multi-finger gesture. It has windows10 that runs on a 4 GB DDR3 RAM. The processor is powered by the Intel Pentium n3540 2.1 GHz Quad-core Processor. It has a 500 GB space for plenty of room to store your work and provides you with smooth performance. This laptop is a very good deal for your money. This laptop features a 15.6-inch display that is extremely easy to work on. Toshiba is a trusted brand, and the Toshiba CB35-BB340 Chromebook is powered by the Intel Celeron processor and a 4 GB of RAM, ensuring a smooth inter surface. The Chromebook has an internal memory of 16 GB. The aluminum finish on the laptop makes it look premium, and it has a USB and HDMI port that helps you connect. The keyboard and the trackpad are extremely good. This laptop features skull candy speakers, giving you an experience of listening to good music. If you are the one that sticks to surfing the internet all day, then this Chromebook should be your go to. While hunting for low priced laptops, you should see the purpose of each to determine the buy. There are also a few gaming laptops, and these were the two that we thought are a perfect start for someone struggling to buy a basic laptop under $300.