If you are a kind of person who would like to keep unnecessary expenses at bay, you would probably not sacrifice so much bedsides your frigid existence. You may give up on expensive outfits unless you have cheap clothes that are neat and decent to wear. You may not mind using a basic prepaid phone as long as you still have a wireless plan and an undamaged phone and ultimately you may not mind giving up your cable TV subscription as you can still watch your favorite shows that you love to watch. There are a couple of strategies that one could opt for in order to stick with the cable service connection and not paying for all the entertainment channels that you enjoy. This is a legal method that anyone could try at home. Here's how we do it. Watch your favorite shows online: Definitely you will be having a computer, laptop, or a tablet that you could stream online videos on. Watching movies and videos via the Internet is a well-known option. There are numerous sites that let you watch TV shows free either the day of or within a few days of the episodes streaming of regular TV. Here is a list of websites that you can look for. Hulu.com is great for their countless options. Pluto TV is great for web videos; however, you need to stream it on your TV through Chromecast or other devices. Certain TV networks sites like ABC, CBS, and NBC provide full episode streaming option. Veoh, Crackle, and AOL videos are also good for watching videos providing tons of content. Watch HDTV over broadcasts: One of the cool options is that you can watch all major channels and local television stations free of charge over the amazing new digital airwaves. Around 94 top shows out of 100 are broadcast on TV with HD picture quality which is better than regular cable on TV. This is possible if you have a proper antenna and a HDTV tuner in order to search for the shows, such as Mohu Antenna that provides over-the-air DVRs which lets you watch live broadcast TV and record shows or series. Channel Master and Tablo TV DVR lets you record and download shows on the computer with a special software. Watch them on DVD and streaming: Though this is a very old option, you can still be benefited by watching your favorite shows and movies on DVD at a cheaper price. There are plenty of websites that deliver movies and TV shows for low price. Redbox and Netflix are considered the best of the all. Redbox lets you watch movies on rent for an extremely low cost. Using coupon codes, you can grab these videos for an even lesser price Netflix has the option of monthly rentals.