For having the most enjoyable and safe driving experience, it is imperative to have the best quality tires. Knowing some tire vocabulary and specifications makes your tire search easier. Here are some tools for you to make an informed decision before buying the best tires aka Goodyear tires for your vehicle:
  • Best time for buying new tires – Before deciding to purchase new tires, test the tread in different locations for signs of wear and tear. Tip: owing to different wheel alignment and inflation, tires do not have uniform wear; so check for tread in several locations. Still not convinced take your car to a showroom and ask for an inspection.
  • Choosing the right tire involves knowing the right tire size. Goodyear tire experts can help you with the same. Before heading in, be aware that your tire details are printed in the driver’s side door jamb of your car. There are many tools available online that will help you find the right tire; you just have to input the year, make and model of your vehicle.
  • Some inside information on your tire- the letters and metrics on your tire’s sidewall represent, ‘P’ for a passenger tire; ‘LT’ means light truck. The width of the tire is measured in mm from sidewall to sidewall. The load index or the load carrying capacity of the tire is also mentioned in the sidewall – for most passenger cars, it ranges from 75-100.
  • The features to look for in your new tire are breaking, handling, comfort and noise. Goodyear tires of all models are sold after thread-like tests thus providing the driver with confidence. Depending on the weather and terrain conditions of where you live and the performance expectations you have, choose the tire that will serve you the best.
The good news is, Goodyear tires are available all year round on their website. You can also check for other online shopping websites where you can get the best deals on Goodyear tires.