A cell phone is the need of almost every individual as it allows the person to stay connected with other people by making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages and also allows to access the internet for various applications. Another important advantage is the use of mobile apps for communication, searching for information and making purchases online. Majorly there would be two types of plans for phone usage. One of them is prepaid plans, and the other option is postpaid plans. Prepaid phone plans can be beneficial in many ways compared to postpaid phone plans.
  • Documentation required for getting a prepaid plan is quite easier than postpaid plans. As the user has to pay for services in advance in case of prepaid plans, there will be no question of any financial liability with the service provider. Whenever the available credit gets over, or the validity gets over, service to a prepaid phone is automatically terminated.
  • Prepaid users can have a better control on their usage of service. Especially for people that usually have limited usage, prepaid plans are much preferable because they can save on monthly rentals. It is practically possible to top up credit for prepaid plan almost anywhere at any convenient time.
  • Uninterrupted services provided by postpaid plans are considered as a boon. However, this can turn into a curse sometimes. As there will be no control on the usage of service, users might go on using services, usually data plans in a very higher amount, leading to heavy bills by the end of the month.
  • Due to intense competition between the prepaid service providers, prepaid subscribers can avail best prepaid phone plans that allow making unlimited calls and using an adequate amount of data at an affordable monthly charge.
  • It is considerably easy to switch to another service provider when someone has a prepaid plan. The user can retain the same number and easily port to another service provider submitting the same document which was used for initial prepaid plan connection.
  • Availability of prepaid SIM cards in various shops and outlets and convenience in top-up provided through online portals and net banking is another important advantage of prepaid phone plans.