The memory foam debuted in NASA to improve the safety standards of seat cushions of the aircrafts, and then gradually found its way to the commercial markets by the early 90s. It initially gained a hold in the health care sector for hospital beds and after a few years it impressed the general public as well. Since then memory foam mattresses have been a beneficial addition to the bedrooms. Its tendency to adapt itself according to the natural body contours, and to retain its shape back again has gained a lot of popularity amongst people. It relieves pressure points helping a person sleep better, an ideal choice for people having chronic neck or back ache problems. The memory foam mattress comprises of minimum three layers, though it can go up to four or five layers depending upon the brand. Over the years many brands have altered the mechanism of the mattress to provide the best sleeping experience to its consumers. For instance now it is much easier for you to find something known as a gel memory foam mattress. This technology basically incorporates a cooling gel in the layers to promote air flow in the mattress. The sleeper can be asleep peacefully without feeling uncomfortable because of the heat. If you happen to be particular about only using organic products, there are mattress companies that design memory foam with natural products. Apart from the usual beds, memory foam complements adjustable beds well. So, if you happen to suffer from sleeping disorders or bothersome body pain then this combination will be best for you. There are plenty of companies in the market offering you with the best rated memory foam mattresses. These brands cater to the needs of all kinds of sleepers, so whether you sleep on your back or on your side, a memory foam mattress can be an ideal choice for your body. Some brands also offer you with trial periods, so that you can assess its performance for real. Loom and Leaf, AmeriSleep, Serta iComfort, Tempurpedic, etc. are some of the popular brands that have an extensive variety of mattresses, with decent prices as well. They offer impressive warranty periods, some also happen to be over 15 years. Before buying you can check various websites that are specially designed for mattress reviews. You can peruse through their ratings, consumer reviews and comparisons. This will help you make a better choice in the long run. You don't have to worry about having limited number of alternatives. You just have to examine the pros and cons, and choose the best possible option that justifies your check list. Always remember that buying a mattress is an investment, considerably a pricey one, so make an intelligent choice.