Before you go to buy a used laptop, please keep in mind the following essentials. Just do not buy a second-hand laptop because it is cheap; buy it because it is a bargain for what it is worth. You have to first analyze the need and use of your laptop. Evaluate the activities that you do most and understand what is the basic minimum RAM or CPU usage that you require. The purpose of the use of your laptop is essential to determine why you are buying a used laptop. See if it has the advanced features that you are looking to buy. Checking the battery of the used laptop is essential. You do not want to be hooked to the power charging cable to use your laptop for work. If you plan to use the laptop unplugged, it is essential to see if the battery in the used laptop is in good condition. If you are looking to play games, a used laptop is not necessarily the best choice. Inspection of the used laptop you are buying is essential. You would have to examine the frame, case, and chassis of the laptop. A thorough inspection of the sides of the laptop is also necessary to recognize cracks that could cause possible disintegration. Irregularities should be inspected for missing ports, part, or hinge. The screen of the used laptop also has to be thoroughly examined. It is necessary to see that the screen does not flicker or has cracks. If the screen has loose connections that cannot be repaired or a faulty backlight, then the cheap cost of the used laptop can be very expensive. The screen might also bear dead or stuck pixels and the same if unnoticeable can make the picture look a little impaired. The keyboard and the trackpad of the laptop should be checked as they are the most used parts in the laptop. The CD drive and ports on the laptop should be checked to understand the functionality of the laptop. It is also important to see that the used laptop has an updated version or a genuine version of windows on it, as proper software is necessary to enjoy the laptop unhindered. The connectivity of the laptop can be demonstrated by connecting the laptop to the internet connection. Check if the laptop connects to the WIFI. It is also advised to buy a reputable brand as this will determine if you can find faulty parts or can get the same easily repaired. It is also necessary that after the thorough inspection of the laptop, one should not pay too much for a second-hand laptop as it may not have a warranty.