Air travel is one of the most vital forms of transportation. Each day, millions of flights take off and land worldwide. Because of the popularity of air travel, several airlines offer rewarding flight deals to travelers. Before you start to look for the best flight deal for your next air travel, here are five things to consider in order to ensure that it is actually the best offer you can have! Airline There are several airlines providing flights to the same destination. Pick one that suits you the best. Several factors like the reputation of the airlines, quality of flight service, rules and regulations, etc. need to be considered before you decide to book a flight. Some airlines are better at providing best flight rates, while others, for a little extra fee, will give you an above-average flight service. If you are heading to a particular destination frequently, then joining a specific airline's loyalty program is recommended for availing additional benefits, such as a discount on flight bookings. Airport There are actual cases of people landing at the wrong airport. Sometimes there might be a hassle in flight booking caused by similar names or closely related airport codes. For instance, Grenada and Granada have almost similar names. While the former is a Caribbean country, the latter is a city in the Andalusia region of Spain. Often, travelers bag flight bookings with deals to less known airports. It is important to check the location of a destined airport, especially if the travel location has multiple airports. Non-stop vs. direct Different flights have different air routes. While some allow you to travel non-stop to your intended location, others might briefly halt at an enroute airport. On Trivago, flights of varied price ranges and different timings and routes are made available for you to choose from. Passport Everyone knows that a valid passport is the most important document to travel abroad. What many people don't know is that some airports might have some different passport requirements. For example, several countries allow immigration to only those passengers who have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of departure. Hence, before booking a flight, know all passport and other requirements at the location you are off to. Price Flight prices rise and fall over time. In addition, different airlines provide a flight to the same destination at different prices. To ensure you get the best rate for your flight booking, you can go for flight booking search engines. These online tools aid travelers with finding dates when a specific flight has the lowest rates. You can check the travel dates against your schedule to secure the best deal on your flight booking. Trivago, the German hotel search portal, might soon add some hotel-booking convenience to flight booking with its Trivago flights service. Getting all things right, when booking a flight, will ensure you to have a hassle-free air trip. Weigh all your options beforehand to avoid inconveniences.